Dec. 31, 2020

Black in Marine Science Week

Black in Marine Science Week

From November 29th to December 5th a new tradition was started. A digital event bringing together the Black in Marine Science Community in solidarity and togetherness. We interviewed one of the founders of the event and two up and coming members of the Black in Marine Science community to get their experiences and thoughts.

The team interviews Dr. Tiara Moore: environmental ecologist, diversity influencer, founder of A WOC Space, co-host of the We Danglin podcast, and co-founder of Black in Marine Science week about why and why the event came together and her experiences as a Black person in STEM. 

We also interview Romaric Moncrieffe, a master's student in the Aquaculture, Environment, and Society program at the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences, and Jaida Elcock a grad student at UW who studies movement ecology of elasmobranch and co-founder of MISS. They discuss their experiences in STEM and what the Black in Marine Science event means to them. 

Just as a heads up, y'all are going to want to check out the BiMS Roll Call hashtag.