The Speak Up For Blue Podcast Network

A network of podcasts dedicated to communicating science with a focus on conservation. The first podcast, Speak Up For The Ocean Blue, serves to bring awareness of issues facing the Ocean; provides a platform for the people working to solve these issues; and, helps you to live for a better Ocean.

Listen to our any, or all of our podcasts on the network

Speak Up For Blue Podcast - Andrew Lewin
Marine Conservation Happy Hour
ConCiencia Azul - Melissa Marquez
Dugongs And Seadragons
Marine Mammal Science Podcast - Dr. Chris Parsons
Ocean Science Radio Podcast - Andrew Kornblatt and Frances Farabaugh
Environmental Studies And Sciences Podcast - Dr. Chris Parsons
Madam Curiosity Podcast - Mallory Fallin And Frances Farabaugh
Projects For Wildlife Podcast - Alicia Amerson