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The show is hosted by Andrew Lewin and it's published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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About Speak Up For Blue

Speak Up For Blue is building a online platform for Marine Science and Conservation Awareness to help you live for a better Ocean. Find out more by clicking below.

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Hi, I’m Andrew Lewin, Founder of Speak Up For Blue, Marine Ecologist and an Oceanpreneur. My career mission is to teach you how to Live for a Better Ocean by telling you what’s happening in the latest Ocean News, cience and Conservation of the World’s Oceans.

Communicating Marine Science and Conservation to you is the #1 important thing to successfully protect the Oceans. You and I have to understand what is happening in our Oceans before they are ruined beyond recognition of their current state.

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The Latest Podcast Episodes

Tales From The Sea IMCC

Tales From The Sea At IMCC

| Speak Up For Blue Podcast | No Comments
There are quite a few spectacular things that go on at the International Marine Conservation Congress every year; however, one of my favourites is the Tales From The Sea.  It's...
Climate Change Jellyfish Italy

Italians Adapt To Climate Change By Eating Jellyfish

| Speak Up For Blue Podcast | No Comments
Today's stories have a couple of things in common: 1) All stories are about invertebrates and, 2) You have to find out at the end of the episode.  I thought...
International Marine Conservation Congress

Marine Conservation Conferences on Ocean Talk Friday

| Speak Up For Blue Podcast | No Comments
Dr. Ed Hind-Ozan joins me on this episode of Ocean Talk Friday to discuss how conferences benefit people in the field of Marine Science and Conservation. Conferences are great for...