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The show is hosted by Andrew Lewin and it's published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Speak Up For Blue is building a online platform for Marine Science and Conservation Awareness to help you live for a better Ocean. Find out more by clicking below.

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Hi, I’m Andrew Lewin, Founder of Speak Up For Blue, Marine Ecologist and an Oceanpreneur. My career mission is to teach you how to Live for a Better Ocean by telling you what’s happening in the latest Ocean News, cience and Conservation of the World’s Oceans.

Communicating Marine Science and Conservation to you is the #1 important thing to successfully protect the Oceans. You and I have to understand what is happening in our Oceans before they are ruined beyond recognition of their current state.

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The Latest Podcast Episodes

Mangroves Marine Protected Areas Oil-Eating Inverts Zombie Worms

Growing Mangroves For Protection, Canada’s MPA process flawed, Blood Worms and Oil eating Inverts

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Nathan is back for another Ocean Talk Friday on the Speak Up For Blue Podcast where we chat about 4 articles related to Marine Science and Conservation that happened within...
Antarctica Orcas Corals El Nino

Antartica Melting Some More, Orcas Stalking Fisherman and Heat Relief For Corals Globally

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Climate Change is rearing its ugly head as one of its consequences is the rapid heating of the Antarctic Ice Sheets turning them to slush. El Nino changed the wind...
Shark Week 2017 Schedule

Review of 2017 Shark Week Schedule; Butt Out for the Ocean; and, Tourism Affecting Antarctica

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The Shark Week Schedule for 2017 has been announced and there are some shows to which I am looking forward and others that perpetuate sharks as serial killers (which is...