Your Guide To
Ocean Conservation

Check out these resources to help you protect the Ocean

Build An Ocean
Conservation Career
The Right Way

Find out about our unique training
program on Ocean Conservation
Career Building and some tips on
how to break into the industry.

Citizen Scientist
For The Ocean

Collect important Ocean Data
on Sharks, Whales, Sea Turtles,
Reefs and more for valuable Ocean
Conservation Research purposes

Building A Community
of Ocean Leaders

Join Us In Taking Action To Lead A
More Ocean-Friendly Life For Healthier Oceans

Speak Up For Blue Blog

Check out what's new on our blog to get updated in Ocean Conservation News and Projects happening around the world

Plastic Pollution

Get the details on this epidemic that can only stop with our reduction/elimination of plastics

Ocean Acidification

This issue has the potential to damage many sensitive Ocean Habitats around the world.

Sea Surface Temperature Rise

Coral bleaching is caused by high sea surface temperatures and temperatures aren't going down any time soon.

Sea Level Rise

Rising sea levels can have devastating effects on homes and businesses along the coasts.

Coastal Development

Coastal Development can cause harm to important coastal habitats that are home to young fish and other animals.


We are fishing to the point where fish and other seafood stocks are disappearing...find out what you can do about it!

Water Pollution

Water pollution can make Ocean species sick, destroy habitats, and more...Find out more about the problem below.

Pursue A Career in Ocean Conservation

Having trouble finding a job or getting the right experience? Click here to find out how to build a successful career in Ocean Conservation

Find Out More About Speak Up For Blue!

People need more information on how to help protect the Ocean...So this site is working hard to bring you this information

Ocean Citizen Scientist

Strap on your fins and become a Marine
Biologist with these life changing programs.

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