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Climate Change – Don’t Believe The Senator with the Snowball

Andrew Lewin | Speak Up For Blue TV | No Comments
Climate Change deniers seem to be getting all of the press lately. Their claim: The Earth, and Oceans, is warming, but it's not because of humans burning fossil fuels and adding extra carbon in the atmosphere. The deniers claim that this is the natural process of the Earth's climate.
SUFB_Tip_PLasticBags (1)

Ocean Conservation Tip: Alternative To Plastic Bag

Andrew Lewin | Speak Up For Blue TV | 2 Comments
Plastic bags frustrate me. Do you know why they frustrate me? they frustrate me because they are not good for the environment yet many people use them. And they smell...I never liked their smell. I understood when people used them 20 years ago to buy groceries and other goods. The only option was a paper bag, but those did not do well in the rain. However, these days there are plenty of alternative options for people to use other than plastic bags.

Manatee Population in Florida Raises by 1000

Andrew Lewin | Speak Up For Blue TV | No Comments
Manatees are considered the elephants of the sea (or coastal waters). They are massive in size, yet gentle in behaviour. They are known to slowly graze aquatic vegetation in the rivers all along the Florida coast. They don't harm people, but we harm them. Perhaps not intentionally, but boat traffic within coastal river systems in Florida is heavy and the often submerged manatees are hit by boats when the come up to the surface for air.

Sharks don’t Lurk – says Scientist to Reporter

Andrew Lewin | Speak Up For Blue TV | No Comments
Sharks, great white sharks in particular, were spotted in what seemed to be laerger numbers than usual near popular beaches in Australia. A reporter wanted to find out why there were so many sharks and what can be done to get rid of them. She decided to interview CSIRO Shark Expert Barry Bruce to get to the bottom of why these sharks were "ruining" beaches as officials were closing the beaches down due to increased sightings.