Oct. 5, 2021

41. Dolphin CT Scans and Ultrasound

41. Dolphin CT Scans and Ultrasound
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Can you believe it's already season 2 of Aquadocs! Thanks to all of our amazing supporters for getting us this far. 

To start us off on another incredible season, Dr. Marina Ivančić founder of ZooRadOne discusses aquatic animal diagnostic imaging. Ever wondered how to take a dolphin to a human hospital for a CT scan? Or what to look for on an ultrasound to see if a dolphin is pregnant? Well, tune in as Dr. Ivančić answers these questions and more! This is an episode you definitely don't want to miss. 

And stick around to the end to hear about our new partnerships with AAFV and WAVMA. 

If you are interested in having Dr. Ivančić look at a case for you or have any questions for her, check out her website at https://www.zooradone.com/