April 26, 2022

58. North Atlantic Right Whales

58. North Atlantic Right Whales
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There are fewer than 400 critically endangered North Atlantic right whales left in the world. Human impacts, specifically entanglements in fishing gear and vessels strikes, serve as the biggest threats to the survival of this species. On This week's episode of Aquadocs Podcast, host Michelle Greenfield interviews Dr. Michael Moore, senior scientist in the biology department of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution about his long-term work with this species. Dr. Moore recently published a book titledWe Are All Whalers: The Plight of Whales and Our Responsibilitythat documents his work with these animals and what he believes we need to do to protect this species. Tune in for a conversation about the stories behind this book as well as a discussion on our social responsibility to step in and help save these whales.