Dec. 6, 2022

66. Frankie the Electric Eel

66. Frankie the Electric Eel
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On this week's episode of Aquadocs, host Michelle Greenfield interviews Dr. Robert Martinez owner of Aquatic Veterinary Consulting in Utah. Dr. Martinez had a non-traditional route to the aquatics world and describes to listeners the importance of always being open to anything and being willing to read from the textbook if you want to succeed. Plus, tune in for an epic, or should we say, electrifying, case about Frankie, an electric eel. Frankie was first noticed with his tail hanging at the surface, and a worm coming out of his back end. Listen as Dr. Martinez describes this case and discusses the lessons he learned along the way (like the voltage you need to lower the eel to safely hold them). And wish Michelle luck as she takes her NAVLE this week!