There is a growing need to learn about the Environment, its science, and its conservation.

The Speak Up For Blue Podcast Network fulfills a demand by its listeners to introduce them to the stories, projects, and people working to improve the health of the Oceans, Lands, and the species of this planet.  

Each podcast in the network was created by the hosts who wanted to merge their science backgrounds with their creative side to communicate environmental science and conservation. 


How The Network Started

The network launched when the host of the Speak Up For Blue podcast, Andrew Lewin, was approached by one of his recurring guest, Dr. Chris Parsons, to start a podcast where Marine Scientists got together to talk conservation while they enjoyed a few beverages, similar to Happy Hour after work. The podcast was named the Marine Conservation Happy Hour.

Andrew later approached Melissa Marquez, who had also been a guest on his podcast, to launch a Latin podcast that was similar to Speak Up For Blue. Melissa used her creativity to develop ConCiencia Azul to connect Marine Science and Conservation within the Latin community. 

The Speak Up For Blue Podcast Network was launched with Speak Up For The Ocean Blue, Marine Conservation Happy Hour, and ConCiencia Azul as the inaugural shows. Since the launch, several shows have been added as more scientists want to communicate their science specialties with an audience who appreciates great stories, bad puns, and many different personalities. Feel free to listen to the shows of your choice on our Shows page.