June 28, 2020

10 Best Activities to Connect to Wildlife

10 Best Activities to Connect to Wildlife

Over the summer, kids go to summer camps and aspiring wildlife biologists have technician positions, internships, or volunteer opportunities. With COVID-19 causing much of the country to shut down, many outdoor programs for kids have been cancelled and young wildlife biologists are left without any summer experience.

Summer is the perfect time to go outside and connect to wildlife. In episode 7, I talked about how aspiring wildlife biologists can spend the summer honing some skills related to wildlife. Nature also has so many physical and mental health benefits, but maybe you just don't know what to do? 

Well, I got you covered!

In this podcast, I cover my 10 favorite activities that I used to do as a child and still do today as an adult to connect to wildlife. These activities will help you learn local animals, contribute to real science, and see wildlife in ways you may have never seen them before. 

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