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We need this podcast!

Finally have time to listen to this podcast! Communication on wildlife and the environment as a whole is super important these days, especially when reaching out to lay audiences worldwide. This podcast is doing just that in dispelling any myths and misconceptions about wildlife.

Great podcast, even for a non-scientist

So far I’ve listened to animal selfies and see a snake. I like how Stephanie breaks down the topic from a scientific way, adds in her own beliefs, talks about what she’s learned along the way (which may mean she’s changed her behavior), and makes it easy enough for someone who just cares about animals to hear a great topic and learn at the same time. Thanks!

Such a needed topic!

Gah! I’ve been wanting a podcast about this for so long! Hearing of ways we can all contribute to the conservation of nature in a meaningful way is huge. If you hear about all the crazy stuff happening to animals but don’t know how to really make a difference, then this podcast is for you. Thanks for this podcast and sharing this info with the world.