March 17, 2021

Academic Coaching with Katy Peplin

Academic Coaching with Katy Peplin

In today’s podcast, I talk to academic Coach Dr. Katy Peplin of Thrive Ph.D. Katy founded Thrive PhD in 2017, where she started out coaching acquaintances to now having a thriving business with clients all over the world and in all disciplines, who have achieved all kinds of success.

Katy helps academics going through grad school because “she gets it.” She is an advocate for students and prides herself on being a real human too.

I hope you enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Katy. Specifically we talk about:

In this chat, we talk about what she does as a coach, what kinds of services she offers for students, and how you can benefit. We also talk about turning from academics into entrepreneurs and her research on cute animal videos – for real!

  • Katy’s path to becoming an academic coach after her Ph.D. 
  • What is a career coach and how graduate students can benefit from having one
  • Why your advisor and committee members may not offer all of the support you need while in graduate school
  • Why is graduate school so hard? How it differs tremendously from undergrad
  • What are the things that students struggle with in graduate school
  • The types of services Katy provides: her one-on-one coaching and membership group
  • Imposer syndrome: advice and how rampant it is in academia
  • Starting and running a business after being an academic
  • Cute animal videos (for real!) – Katy did her Ph.D. on this. We chat briefly about how animals in videos, documentaries, and social media affect the way people think about them
  • and MORE!

For full show notes click here.

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