June 7, 2020

Bird Basics with Ornithologist Lauren Pharr

Bird Basics with Ornithologist Lauren Pharr

Birds are one of my favorite backyard animals because they are everywhere! I invited ornithologist Lauren Pharr on the podcast to discuss bird basics. In this episode we go over: 

How to attract birds to your backyard including:

• Songbirds

• Hawks and other raptors

• Owls

• Hummingbirds

Bird basics on food:

• Is feeding okay?

• What kinds of foods to give for different types of birds

• Keeping feeders clean

Tips for people who want to get started in birding:

• Apps to use

• Citizen science

• Tips for learning bird song

Lauren's research and how she got interested in birds

Black Birders Week:

• What is #BlackBirdersWeek?

• How did it get started? 


For the full show notes visit: https://www.stephanieschuttler.com/bird-basics/