April 1, 2021

Climate Change Empowerment: Changes You Can Make for Maximum Impact

Climate Change Empowerment: Changes You Can Make for Maximum Impact
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The inspiration for all of my writing and videos stems from animals. So often people want to become a wildlife biologist because they want to help animals. They envision themselves conducting important research to grow populations or captive-rearing animals for reintroductions. But I’ve learned through all of my years of research, that to really help animals we need to take a look at ourselves. 

And the truth is all animals will be affected by climate change – including us. So if we really care about animals, we have to think and do something about these larger issues and we can’t only talk about species-specific problems. 

For my Earth month series, I’m kicking it off by talking about this big issue of climate change. Most Americans now recognize it is human caused and that we need to so something about it. Many are even experiencing climate anxiety and/or grief. 

I recently read an article about how doing something about climate change can actually alleviate grief. I thought now would be the perfect time to empower you all with actions that you can do to help alleviate climate change. 

In this week’s podcast, I offer you 21 different ways you can contribute to fighting climate change starting off with the most impactful things you can do based on research to the ones you still should do, but that have less of an effect. 

The key is to always move towards progress – not perfection. It is way better to have lots of people taking action imperfectly than few people getting it all right. 

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