Dec. 13, 2020

Gifts to Connect People to Nature

Gifts to Connect People to Nature

Why do I care about connecting people to nature? Well, it is incredibly important for me to get people outdoors, connecting to nature because that is so important in raising future conservationists to get adults to change their behaviors, change their attitudes, to be more pro conservation and pro wildlife. And if you ask anyone who is a wildlife biologist, they will say they become a wildlife biologist because they spend time outdoors in nature. 

What’s going on currently is something called the extinction of experience. These experiences in nature and when we have these lots of experiences, we are raising generations of people too. It’s hard to get people to care about them and there’s endangered species that are fresh water mussels. So we need to restore these experiences with nature.

Each generation is raised with this new norm, this shifting baseline of the extinction of experience. Pandemic right now is a great time connecting people to nature. It’s a really good idea to stay home as much as you can. And with that, with people being more restricted in what they can do for entertainment.

I am launching a membership program and it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be aligned with real wildlife biology activities that “us” wildlife biologists do. There’s going to be a challenge each month and you’re going to learn about wildlife by going outside doing the different activities. If you really are restricted outside, I am going to try to provide online activities that will simulate these activities for you. It’s going to be a monthly membership that costs $20. It’s a really great idea for kids and it’s going to be made by real scientists.

Specifically I go over:

  • Why getting outside is important for conservation
  • The best way to raise future conservationists
  • What the extinction of experience is
  • Why right now is the best time to go outside (the pandemic!)
  • Nature has healing and health benefits
  • Gifts to connect people to nature:
  • Camera trap
  • Field guides
  • Binoculars
  • Bird feeders
  • Gardening supplies and books
  • Bat house
  • Nets, waders, and boots for exploring ponds
  • Magnifying glasses and insect jars
  • UV lights, headlamps, and spotlights
  • And MORE!

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