May 18, 2021

Handling the Haters in Science Communication

Handling the Haters in Science Communication

I was recently featured on an Instagram live hosted by and I was asked the question, “How do you handle negative comments on social media?” I had such a long answer that I thought it would make an excellent podcast episode!

I’ve been putting myself out there (and by there I mean the Internet) since about 2010 when I started a professional Twitter account and blog. Eleven years later (where has the time gone??) I am still here and in the last few years I’ve put myself even out there more with the creation of a YouTube channel and this podcast.  

No matter how amazing you are, you will receive some negative comments if you do science communication. In this episode, I talk specifically about how I handle my negative comments and what you should expect if you put yourself out there just as much as me. 

Specifically I talk about and cover:

  • What is science communication and why in the world would a scientist choose to do it? 
  • Why I choose to do science communication and why it’s important
  • What scientists are scared of if they were to put themselves out there
  • A summary of my experience with negative comments and my categorization of comments: Trolling,
  • negative, but informative, and disagreements
  • All of the tools, techniques, and thoughts I use to deal with these comments such as:
  • Reprogramming my brain using neuroscience
  • Putting things in perspective and changing the meaning of comments
  • How to immediately disarm nasty comments
  • Why getting haters is a good thing
  • Evaluating myself: Am I doing anything to attract negative comments?
  • Use my comments as sources of material for content creation
  • Creating a happy folder
  • Visualizations that help me

For full show notes click here.

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