Nov. 22, 2020

Make Black Friday Green

Make Black Friday Green
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Black Friday is the official kickoff for the holiday buying season. As a conservationist, I know that buying stuff is inherently bad for the planet. But as the daughter of a family business, I know the holiday season is essential for people. In fact, many businesses depend on the holidays for their survival.

I also know that regardless of the environmental message I present, that people will still shop. People (like my sister) will insist on gifts no matter what. And to be honest, as a fancy scientist, I have struggled with shopping myself. In fact, I love things like fashion and makeup.

In this episode, I share with you my secrets in turning your Black Friday green – showing you companies and ways you can buy gifts for loved ones with less of an impact on the earth.  

I noticed after recording this podcast, that it is weighted towards clothes – maybe because that’s what I love to get for Christmas? But whether you are gifting or looking for stuff for yourself, this episode will help!

Specifically I go over:

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