Aug. 15, 2020

Mindful Conservation with Ashley Scarlett

Mindful Conservation with Ashley Scarlett

Conservation is all about trying to protect and save plants, animals, and other organisms from going extinct. We do this work because we love nature, and it’s tough to read stories about people or organizations poaching wildlife, destroying primary rainforests, or plastics encompassing our oceans. 

In other words, conservation can get you down. 

It’s hard not to get affected by the gloom and doom, and many conservation organizations even use this tactic to get people to care. But it can backfire and make people feel even more hopeless about the planet. 

Additionally, for those of us who work in conservation, science is a tough field, and having an optimistic attitudes is really not how a lot of scientists tend to be. 

So what’s an aspiring scientists supposed to do? 

In this podcast, I interview Dr. Ashley Scarlett AKA Dr. Scarlett Smash, to talk about this and her solution: mindful conservation. Ashley is an environmental science/marine conservation scientist and yogi practitioner on a journey of self-care. She has a new podcast: The Guide to Mindful Conservation: Dancing in Pink Hiking Boots.

The Guide to Mindful Conservation is a podcast is for professionals in the conservation practitioners or citizen scientists. Ashley believes that “connecting conservation and holistic healing to provoke and awaken a wholeness in one’s self…leads to sustainable happiness and efficiency.”

Specifically, we talk about:

How being in conservation or science can affect one's mental health

Some of the crazy things scientists do that aren't kind or helpful in conservation

  • Why we need to work together
  • What is mindfulness?
  • What is mindful conservation?
  • The mindful conservation conference
  • How nature can help you heal
  • How you can start healing yourself
  • and MORE!

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