Jan. 21, 2021

Nova Conservation with Laura Marsh:Connecting People to Fieldwork

Nova Conservation with Laura Marsh:Connecting People to Fieldwork

This podcast features an amazing interview with scientist and founder of Nova Conservation: Laura Marsh. Nova Conservation is a brand new organization dedicated to connecting scientists and non-professionals to conservation and research opportunities. 

Laura and I chat about so much – how and why she founded Nova Conservation, how it will change ecotourism and provide opportunities for scientists to connect with research projects without having to get too involved, and the barriers to entry that exist in conservation field.

Specifically we chat about:

  • What exactly is a Nova Conservation? 
  • How will Nova Conservation work? 
  • How wildlife professionals and non-scientists can get involved in conservation research
  • How some tourism operations can deceive you into thinking they are focused on conservation when they are not
  • Laura’s background as a scientist and ornithologist
  • Free/volunteer internships and research experiences – how it needs to change, but it’s a necessary evil right now for students to get jobs. 

For full show notes click here.

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