Aug. 9, 2020

Pinterest for Science Communication and Conservation

Pinterest for Science Communication and Conservation
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If you’ve listened to previous episodes of the podcast (like # and #), you know how important communication to the public is for science and conservation. Many scientists are on Twitter, Instagram, and even Tik Tok now, but hardly anyone I know uses Pinterest for science communication and conservation. 

This is a mistake! Lots of people don’t even think about Pinterest when it comes to choosing social media platforms for communicating science and conservation messages, but it’s one of the best out there, just behind YouTube. 

Pinterest is extremely effective for reaching new audiences with the content you are already creating. It is better than Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I get approximately 120,000 monthly views from my Pinterest page as opposed to my Twitter and Instagram feeds, which reach over 6,000 and 4,000 respectively.

For my website traffic for all of 2020 so far, over 15% comes directly from Pinterest, only second to a Google search. For my 3rd most viewed post on my website, 95+% of the traffic is from Pinterest.

But it’s not just about the numbers. Pinterest is great for many reasons. In this podcast, I’ll go over:

  • What is Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest is more evergreen than other social media platforms
  • Why Pinterest will let you reach new and different audiences
  • Why people may be more likely to read your Pinterest posts
  • How to use Pinterest
  • Tips to make your Pinterest page successful
  • Easy and free tools to make pins
  • and MORE!

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