April 13, 2022

Should Wildlife Professionals Start a Side Hustle?

Should Wildlife Professionals Start a Side Hustle?
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I was having some struggles in my business – specifically how to talk about my program to potential student.

I was thinking about purchasing a new course to help me with this problem and I was asking my mastermind group members what they thought.

It was a big chunk of change: $2,000. Normally we encourage each other to invest in ourselves, but one of my members felt like I already had the training I needed – and that it was more of my mindset I needed help with. 

She also suggested I could receive free training if I sign up to be an affiliate for a program I enrolled in two years ago. I didn’t think I could do it because I didn’t think the program would be fit for my audience, but she pushed me anyway to get me to learn more about the process.

Shortly after I signed up, the wildlife biologist above made that comment. I also thought about another wildlife biologist with a big following on Instagram who sells products and then I thought, maybe there is something to this? Maybe this is something my audience would be interested in. 

I am blown away by the opportunity that is out there nowadays and I invite you to join me to entertain the thought of starting your own digital side hustle. 

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