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We help you SPEAK UP and amplify your message for your business, organization, or mission on a digital platform.

Our Mission Is To Help You Connect With Your Audience

Speak Up For Blue was launched by Andrew Lewin, Founder and CEO, who launched the Speak Up For The Ocean Blue Podcast in June of 2015 to inform people about the projects happening the protect the Ocean. Andrew instantly fell in love with speaking into a microphone and connecting with people all over the world.

Andrew soon realized that his audience was highly engaged with his content, which developed into numerous opportunities for him including jobs, travel, and TV appearances!

Since 2015, Andrew launched a network of Science and Conservation Podcasts as well as launched podcasts for people who wanted to connect with their audience in their own niches so that they can be exposed to similar opportunities in their field.

He created a service that works closely with clients to gain valuable knowledge and strategies on how to position their podcasts for success.

Andrew Lewin - CEO of Speak Up For Blue Media & Communications

Our Team

Dr. Chris Parsons - Director Of Science Podcasts

Dr. Chris Parsons

Director Of Science And Conservation Podcasts

Dr. Ashley Scarlett

Director Of Operations