About Speak Up For Blue

Hi, I’m Andrew Lewin, Founder of Speak Up For Blue, Marine Ecologist and an Oceanpreneur. My career mission is to teach you how to Live for a Better Ocean by telling you what’s happening in the latest Ocean News, Science and Conservation of the World’s Oceans.

Communicating Marine Science and Conservation to you is the #1 important thing to successfully protect the Oceans. You and I have to understand what is happening in our Oceans before they are ruined beyond recognition of their current state.

My goal is to build Speak Up For Blue as an online platform where you can get the information you need to live in a way where you minimize your impact on the Ocean and are able to learn and support the people and their projects that work so, so hard, to protect the Ocean every day.

My current focus is The Speak Up For Blue Podcast where I publish 3 episodes per week:

  • Monday is a Solocast (I rant and/or rave about current Ocean Conservation events/news;
  • Wednesday is Interview Wednesday (I interview people who are doing some amazing things for the Ocean); and,
  • Friday is Ocean Talk Friday (I co-host the show with friends and colleagues to discuss the week’s current news)

I will be relaunching a You Tube Channel to provide the Speak Up For Blue Community with a more visual perspective of Ocean News and provide updates to projects on which I will be working.

Andrew Lewin, MSc.

Founder & CEO

Andrew is the Founder of Speak Up For Blue, Marine Ecologist and self proclaimed Oceanpreneur, who is building an online platform for Marine Science and Conservation Awareness so that his two daughter, and the rest of their generation, will be able to enjoy the Ocean as he has in the past.