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Why no mention of the leading causes of ocean pollution?

I left 4 stars cuz I might just be missing it and not here to be a jerk. I am legitimately confused though about why the Auto and Fashion industry who together make up almost 80 percent of plastic pollution on the ocean are not being addressed here. Flip flops, cigarettes, abs plastic straws are nothing compared to the normalized impact of these industries. Machine washing synthetic fibers is such an easy point to address, and I’m incredibly surprised no one is addressing this.

Brilliant podcast

This is my favourite podcast I have found so far!! The host is great at disseminating information but it’s also not just scientific dribble - it’s fun to listen to and definitely makes you think. I also love how Andrew clearly cares very much about our oceans, I can definitely feel that passion coming through when I listen. I wish there were more podcasts out there like this! I’d recommend to any ocean lover.


Wow total gem of a find!


This podcast is so informative and talks about really important and timely issues. Andrew's advice for marine biologists is spot on!


Podcasts like this show are what give me hope for the future as someone who feels the weight of our planet's environmental clock ticking away. Absolutely incredible. The guests that Andrew brings on for interviews are intelligent, entertaining and insightful - making topics that could be potentially easy to ignore engaging to dive into! Highly recommend subscribing and making this one of your go-to shows. Thank you Andrew and team Blue!

I think this is absolutely great

I'm studying in the field of the law of the sea, and pay more attention to the legislation of BBNJ. Checking all podcasts related to the ocean and suddenly i found one episode including guest Diva Amon. Suprised to notice scholars both in biology or law field has the same suspicion about the deep seabed mining. And that episode is abosultely triggering my interest about what's the future with MPA, or Area with Special Interest in the ABNJ. Besides, I think Andrew Lewin have shared his personal experiences and some thoughtuful advices with people who studying related to ocean field, which is really helpful for me. SO thank you for your knowledge sharing.


Love the episodes, new to the podcast. Sounds like SUFB 847 has been corrupted around 3:44 mark.

Incredible content

For users of any background who care about the ocean, want to learn more, and want to do something to make the world a better place— listen to this podcast. Not only do you get a podcast, but you also become part of an ocean loving community. The host encourages feedback and actively engages listeners. I can’t recommend enough, I’m basically addicted.

Great topics! So many plugs...

Skip the first 5 minutes of promotions and advertising per episode and you’re left with some good information. Wish so much time wasn’t spent trying to get people to visit his website and join patreon.

Great podcast to become environmentally aware

I love listening to this podcast when on a long road trip or during my commute. Andrew always brings up very salient and fascinating topics. My only complaint is that he tends to talk a lot, and the introductions can sometimes take up a quarter, if not more, of the episode. I wish he would make his introductions shorter!

Promoting Dialog - Is There Anything Better?

I really appreciate this podcast, which is both wide ranging and laser focused on the health of our oceans. Great guests, great topics and an insane amount of content. If I could clone myself, I’d do so so I could listen to every single minute of SUFB!

A show with a cause

Great show raising awareness for one of the biggest problems the world is facing now.

Great podcast

Awesome podcast to listen to especially while your gardening makes time go by pretty fast

Protect Earth

I love nature and so it's awesome that Andrew is spreading the message that we need to protect Earth. We have the power to prevent bigger flooding, hurricanes, global warming, and more. The little actions we all take can be combined for a major affect.

Spread the Word!

I am so happy to have discovered this show. I live on the Maine coast and I find Andrew Lewin's perspective very relevant. The ocean is vital to our existance and I am thrilled to find a podcast dedicated to conservation. I can't wait to spread the word about Speak Up for Blue!

Important show

This show is so important. Facing so many issues in regards to environmental pollution and overfising, Andrew brings forth important information from experts in the field that everyone needs to hear!!

Amazing podcast!

I love the mission and purpose of this podcast! There definitely needs to be more awareness about the ocean and this show covers it all. Well done!


New favorite podcast!

Love the beach! ...and this podcast!

I love the beach and all things marine life and love that you are talking about the stories concerning the ocean. And your voice is so great to listen to. Can't wait to take a deep dive into more episodes!

Love it

Excellent Show, Keep It Up! Brent from Hysteria 51

I'm so thankful for this podcast!

I've been looking for a way to learn about current marine conservation efforts. This podcast is very informative and perfect for my long commutes.

Excellent Podcast

Highly recommend this podcast. Andrew does a great job spreading awareness of marine issues and ways that people can take action to address these problems.


I found this podcast to be facinating. Lot of stuff I didn't really think about so a fun way to learn

Such an important show!

I love how Andrew is an advocate for our environment and he practices what he preaches. This show is informative and hopeful.

Love the ocean? This is your podcast

I think very few people really understand the issues in ocean conservation. This show provides material for scientists, teachers, and just you and me to live lives that are less impactful on our oceans and our planet as a whole. Love it.


Enjoying your show. Well produced, lots of great information and inspirational. Thanks!

The health of our oceans is our future

Thank you for this podcast!

Ahh, glorious water!

I loved this... SHARKS!!!! Oceans. Made me want to go to the beach.

Jess Larsen from “Innovation and Leadership” show

Great to have a show that focuses so well on the ocean!

Who doesn't love the ocean!

And who wouldn't want to protect it?

Content, Content, Content!

What a job Andrew does in delivering such knowledge-based content! Very engaging & great guests. I'm learning something new on every show!

Andrew is the voice we need in this world!

I have the blessing of seeing the ocean outside my windows each morning and it's sight to behold and is something we all need to care for and protect. LOVE that Andrew is helping us all learn to better care for our amazing oceans!

Keep it up!

Love the mission behind this podcast, will support anyway that I can!

Love it!!

THis show is great. It's a important topic that not a lot of people are discussing and the host shows you how to be a part of the solution. Keep up the great work.

Valuable podcast!

Great information on ocean science and conservation projects around the globe! Highly recommend!

Andrew Lewin thank you so much for doing what you do talking for our oceans

I grew up in the central coast in a small agricultural town know as the strawberry capital of the world.watsonville does billions in strawberrie sales every year and I lived 10 min from the beach.This podcast is very close to my heart because I care about our oceans and beaches and this podcast brings up key topics every week about what is happening world wide with climate change.I will be listening and downloading past episodes thank you for all the hard work your do and for being a voice for our oceans

Cool Show

Flowing, Enjoyable, the ocean on a calm day. Cool show

So Blue

Love the show, great for conservationists and anyone looking out for our oceans. I especially love that Andrew is an oceanpreneur…keep up the great work Andrew!

Very informative show!

There is so much great content in this podcast! It's wonderful to hear the excitement and enthusiasm of Andrew!

Much needed

This is a must needed show with a great mission

Great show!

Great show and resource! Keep it up!

Giving Dolphins and Whales a Voice, Finally

In my personal opinion, this is a topic we can't talk enough about. So happy to see what Andrew's doing here to raise awareness about our beautiful oceans! If you're interested at all in any type of nature and sustainability, I'm sure you'll find a guest or a topic that will help shed more light on this issue. Kudos Andrew!

Very Informative!!

As a listener I appreciate your perspective, this kind of show is such a big help specially now that we are covered with a lot in social media. Its time to know whats currently happening around us.

Taking you to the Ocean!

I love what you are doing Andrew! I feel like I’m there with you guests.

For the love of our planet

Helping shine a light and inspiring us to save our oceans resources and life. Love Andrews passion do do something and really make a difference for us all.

Neat natural history show

Who knew science could be so interesting? Great show for kids and adults alike to learn about what’s going on with our oceans. You can tell Andrew has a passion for the topic.


If you’re interested in marine biology and the conservation, this is a great podcast for you. Great information, presented very well. This is an important topic and well worth a listen.

A great voice for Conservation

I love teh message and the passion for the oceans that Andrew brings to this podcast. A great resource for anyone who is looking to learn more about teh ocean as well as its stewards! Highly recommended!

Great show on ocean conservation

I love this show. Awesome and unique. Learning a lot about conservation.

love this subject matter

Having grown up in a beach town in Florida - this podcast is super meaningful and strikes a personal cord for me!!

Advocate for the Ocean

Listen to this podcast to learn about challenges facing the ocean and what to do about them.

A podcast filled with hope in the color of blue!

What a great podcast for ocean enthusiasts. You will gain an immense amount of knowledge. Definitely recommending to my daughter. She is enjoying it.

Educational and Relevant - Well Done!!!

In the world today, there is just not enough that can be done to protect our planet. I love that this podcast focuses on the oceans. Well Done!!!


Interesting, informative and engaging. Love this show!


Keep it up!!!

Excellent Resource for Nature Lovers and Conservationists

We all need inspiring stories, fresh ideas, relevant information, and steps to action. Way to take action and make this show happen Andrew! Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch

#60: Dolphin Friendly Labelling and….

I just listened to Andrew Lewin’s illuminating interview with guest, Nathan Johnson. One aspect of the interview I found especially fascinating was the ongoing “battle” between the U.S.A and Mexico about the rules and regulations re: Dolphin Friendly Labeling as it relates to Mexico’s fishing practices for Tuna and how they impact the well-being of the dolphin population. A much-needed show, beautifully done, Andrew. Wish you continued success!

Much needed show

Really explores the critical issue of ocean conservancy.

Very Educational Podcast

As someone that lives near the ocean, this podcast is fantastic and eye-opening.

Important Info on Ocean Health

Andrew gives listeners really important information on our world’s oceans and the living things that rely on them. This info is so so so important! The oceans are the lifeblood of our planet. I highly recommend this podcast!

very necessary

Thank you Andrew for putting this show together. This knowledge needs to be shared. So many of us take our oceans for granted. For instance Coral. So many of us, myself included, never realized the importance that coral has in the ocean’s ecosystem. Looking forward to “diving” in further to your show!

An Important Topic

Get involved in marine conservation with this podcast--the content is fascinating and it's great to hear someone doing something beneficial for our environment in the world of podcasting. This is definitely worth a listen!

Ocean Talk Baby!

If you love oceans, fish and basically anything fun to do with water this is your jam! Two thumbs up!

Great show!

Thanks for the interesting podcast! I grew up by the Black Sea in Europe, and I’ve lived in San Diego, CA for 14 years. So I really appreciate the subject!

Promoting positive change!

I love the ocean and I love this podcast. Thanks for helping to preserve the ocean!

Awesome Podcast

I love the message/theme of the show. So many people that don't like near the ocean tend to just ignore it and it's important to bring the issues it faces to the masses because they really do effect the entire planet. I love that Andrew has a conversational tone instead of just spitting out facts. Definitely recommend to anyone that wants to stay connected with what's going on with the oceans and it's inhabitants.

Super information!

Andrew, I was excited to hear your podcast about SeaWorld. It was HUGE news. I shows that we can make a difference! #cleanliving

Super way to learn about the ocean

Andrew is very engaging and I love the way he makes learning about the ocean interesting and informative

what and an important podcast

This is such an important topic… I am so happy that this exist. Andrew is very friendly and informative. I am enjoying this podcast VERY MUCH! Thank you Andrew

Such a great idea for a podcast!

As a former coastal dweller I find this fascinating!

Finally a voice for the ocean!

Such a great podcast, very informative, and really gets you going about protecting and saving our most valuable resource!

Powerful information

I live on the Gulf in SW Florida so this podcast hits close to home. Andrew offers realistic and a variety of tips for taking personal responsibility for Speaking Up For Blue

Earth friendly!

This is a great show for all those concerned with the environment. Thanks for bringing great information on how we can be better stewards of the oceans!

Great conservationist podcast

Whether you want to learn about a species in the ocean, or the ocean in general, this is a great show with highly respected people in their fields.

If the Ocean had a voice, it would be Andrew’s!

Im a huge fan of Blackfish and Conspiracy and this podcast picks up where those left off and gives great tips and advice to save the environment- most importantly our oceans! The information is important & informative, the intro is highly produced and hilarious and I am adding this show to my permanent rotation. Thanks to ocean-preneur Andrew for this amazing new show!

Saving Blue, One Listener at a Time

Thank you for this value-packed show!

Live an ocean friendly life!

Andrew does an amazing job of educating people to live an ocean friendly life! As someone who grew up and lives at the beach it is heartbreaking to see some of the environmental damage caused. Protecting our oceans is so crucial to the future of our environment! Great podcast, keep the episodes coming!

Interesting and enlightenting

Andrew - Interesting niche, so much to learn about the ocean, it is such a uncharted territory. Well done - keep moving forward.

amazing show

Love this podcast, I love the ocean and everything about it and your podcast represents. Love the value. 5 Stars!

Fantastic show!

Be a part of the solution! This show will help you do that! Well done Andrew!


I’m thankful for this podcast. Now, lets share it so that out younger generation can keep our water clean and protected!!!

A great way to learn about the ocean!

This is a great show and would be great for teachers to use in their curriculum as a way to mix it up.

A great podcast

This show interviews top people in the field and is super engaging! Check it out!

Andrew shares immense value

A great podcast for anyone who loves conservation, the ocean, and my favorite - Sharks! Andrew gives great insight we can ALL use to help do our part to save our oceans!