April 14, 2017

SUFB 303: Ocean Talk Friday

SUFB 303: Ocean Talk Friday

Dr. Michelle LaRue joins me on Ocean Talk Friday to discuss a number of topics going in in Ocean Conservation.

Dr. Michelle LaRue joins me on Ocean Talk Friday to discuss a number of topics going in in Ocean Conservation. This is Michelle's first Ocean Talk Friday and she killed it! 

We switched up the normal structure of the episode this week where we discussed 1 article and 3 topics that are hot in the Marine Science and Conservation Community. 

Michelle starts the episode off by discussing the launch of her new Citizen Science Project about quantifying the Weddell seal population in the Antarctic.

Here are the topics:

1) Climate Change could affect the way Polar Bears hunt seals;
2) Why is the Sea Grant budget being cut?;
3) March For Science and why it's important; and,
4) What will Michelle be discussing during her presentation at the Earth Optimism Summit.

Enjoy the podcast!

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