May 1, 2017

SUFB 310: Humpback Whale Strandings, Orca Being Orcas And Careful Activism

SUFB 310: Humpback Whale Strandings, Orca Being Orcas And Careful Activism

Whales are the focus today, some good and some bad while some people may not be acting the way they should.

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Whales are the focus of today's podcast as they are in the news on the East and West Coast of the United States. Some of the news is good and some of the news is bad. Even the good news is not that great. Here is the breakdown of the episode:

1) 41 Humpback whales washed ashore dead over the past year (average is 14). Scientists are looking into it;
2) Orcas hunt Grey Whale calf like they are supposed to, but headline makes it seem like they are killing for fun;
3) How to be better scientists, activists, advocates or conservationists.

Enjoy the podcast!

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