May 8, 2017

SUFB 313: Sci Comm Lesson Learned, Adult Film Star Bitten By Shark, Evolution Of Fish In MPAs

SUFB 313: Sci Comm Lesson Learned, Adult Film Star Bitten By Shark, Evolution Of Fish In MPAs

I talk about a Sci Comm problem that I had; a weird story in the Ocean; and, Fish evolution in MPAs.

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Social media is a beast to understand all of the different platforms. When to post, how many times, who should you target are all things to consider; however, the point of Social Media is to become social. You want to engage with other people to have valuable discussions that make both your lives better. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There are time where the other people misinterpret your meaning or you are not clear on the point that you are trying to make and people get mad...that happened to me and I talk about it today.

Also, there is a weird ocean story about an Adult Film star in a shady cage, who got bitten by a lemon shark..truly bizarre.

Finally, I talk about a study where fish are changing behaviour to be closer to Marine Protected Area (MPA) boundaries.

Enjoy the podcast!

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