March 13, 2017

SUFB 289: Human Activities And The Ocean

SUFB 289: Human Activities And The Ocean

A cruise shiup runs aground on a popular reef and a woman is promoting the protection of sharks through riding them?

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I explore the way human activities are affecting Ocean habitats and species in a negative way even though they mean well. The first story deals with a cruise ship running aground on 1600 m2 of reef off the coast of Indonesia while at low tide (the crew should know not to go through the area at low tide). The second story involves a woman, Ocean Ramsey, who promotes shark awareness and protection through a service that she has where she teaches people to ride along the dorsal fin of large sharks.

Take a listen as to what I think of these human uses and what should be done to decrease their impact on the Ocean. 

Enjoy the podcast!

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